Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I have heat!

Yeah, the landlord got the heat fixed and it's hot in here!!!

School is getting crazy. We have 3 assignments due on Wednesday and got 3 additional assignments on Monday! Busy, busy, busy.

I am learning lots. We started Commercial Studio today. We shot with a large format camera, too. The 4x5 is really cool. It is a lot to take in but I am looking forward to working with it for sure. We are using film, but will be switching to digital soon.

As soon as the instructors show us how to scan with their equipment, we can scan all our film. Then I can put up some images, so you all can see what I am up to.

Maybe if I have some photos, more peeps will read my blog and/or leave comments. What ya think. Would you come back more or even comment if I had more pictures.

Well it is time for bed! Hope all is well with everyone!

Love ya all.



Kristi said...

YAY! for heat! Can't believe you went so long without it. I bet you and the kitties are freezing. Weather is great here - but it always is. Come visit!

Went to see the movie Nights in Rodanthe - don't go see it - I know you don't have time anyhow. Well, this is one you would probably be attracted to, but it is not worth it. Saw Mamma Mia a total of 5 times in the theater - must be crazy, but LOVED it!

Nothing else new out here - LOVE YOU!

Kristi said...

Sounds like they sure are keeping you busy. Sister, I don't know if peeps will visit any more if you have pics - you kind of have deadbeat friends. LOL

Gidget said...

Yay for heat!!!!

There is a lady here that loves Mama Mia, too! She would go see it as many times as you if she had the time.

I'll just post pics of everyone that doesn't leave a comment. Not the ones they would like, you know the one I said "Sure I will delete these later." You know the ones that are just way to close or the ones that look straight up the nose. It will be funny. Then when they decide to come and visit and ask why I have that pic of them on my blog. We could start a blog conversation. Hmmmm. Sounds like a great idea. I am going to start searching for some pics tonight. Hmmmmm. Who is going to be the first on the blog hall of fame???? Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheeeeeeee

Debbie Fox said...

So glad you finally have warmth. I'm sure it is much more comfortable. One of the people I had talked to about renting from said the 1st of Oct. is when the program starts to become more intense. Sounds like he really knows from past students.
Getting busy at work, we have a big event this weekend, Ornament Debut. I'd rather be there, but I love events, so it will be good.
I have to agree Nights of Rodanthe was a disappointment, but Mama Mia was awesome.
Have a great week.

Janice's Aunt said...

Hi there! Just trying to see if I can leave a message!
THX! Janice

Gidget said...


It is definitely busy. If you come visit the school again, I can show you the stuff that we have done.

You will make it work for next year!

Have Fun at your event!

Aunt Janice,

Yay! you were able to post a note! No bad photo for you. LOL

Love Gidget

Kristi said...

I think you should put pix of peeps that don't visit! Great idea!