Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hi Everyone! This will be a long one since it is the first and I am behind in blogging!

Well I am here in Mass. The drive took 4 days and 3 nights. Very long with two cats. They did very well. No major incidents to speak about.

The first week of school was exciting and exhausting. We have 1, 2, and 4 hours classes that make up a 9 hour day with an hour lunch. We have apprxly 221 students. My goal is meet each one and have a conversation with them and try to memorize their name. (On top of my school work, LOL)

We received some equipment and have already had a field trip to get used to it and learn about exposure and lighting. Yeah some of it is stuff I already know, but I am pretending that I don't know any of it so that I learn from the beginning. (Being self taught, I don't want to miss something that I may have been doing wrong.)

My apartment is the most luxurious apartment ever. I have 16 windows! Nice!!! I am living alone with the two kitties. I thought about a roommate, but adjusted my budget to be able to live here on my own. No cable or internet:( was my cost cutting measures. Right now a very nice neighbor is sharing her/his wireless internet connect. We love sharing!!!

As soon as I get a chance I will video my place and put it out here for all to see.

I have met a few new people that I have become friends with. One is Monika, she lives right next door to me. It is like we are roommates since we have been doing a lot together. It is funny actually. We just need walkie-talkies and we are set.

The weather: during most days it has been around 75 to 80. At night about 60 to 70. But some nights have gotten down to 45 or so. That is cooooooolllllldddddd! Where is my electric blanket and fire place. The landlord said I should hold off turning on my heat until November. LMAO!!! That's a funny one. The kitties have been laying at the foot of the bed. Most nights Sierra doesn't kick Squeaker out!

Well I am going to write more later about the school and the guest lecturers. It has been incredible and it's only been a week and a half.

What's going on in everyone elses lives?????

Thank you in advance for blogging so that I can still feel connected to you all while I am away!

Love Ya!

Sierra thinks she can fit into any and all small places. I was unpacking and Sierra was trying on the drawer for size!


Kristi said...

Hey Girlie!
Looks like you got us all caught up! Thanks for the photos - stories are always better with visuals. Hope you have an incredible experience at school. Sure miss you out west. Love you lots!

Jean said...

Hi Gidget,
Thanks for the update and the pictures. It sounds like you're fitting right in!!
Love, Hugs, and Best Wishes to you!
Jean S.

Gidget said...

I did catch you up, without all the drama!

JV said...

MEC... ...get u'r done!!