Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shelburne Falls

One of our shoots this week was at Shelburne Falls. Our assignment was to shoot color on color. Example: A person with a yellow top against a building that was blue. The other assignment was lines. Pretty simple right, a group of us were there all day. Not because it was hard, but because we were doing a lot of set up. Move here, move there, smile, don't smile. LOL It was a lot of fun.

During the day we were in and out of these old colorfully painted trolleys and I looked up and saw a bald eagle. Of course, I told everyone I could, to look up and see her. She was beautiful. It was an unbelievable site for sure. The funny thing about it is that there were 100 photography students around, each with a camera, but not one of us took a picture of the bald eagle. Why you ask? Well our assignment is with film and we had 16 total shoots on the roll and our assignment was for 11 shoots. So we only had an extra 5 shoots if we needed to re-shoot something. So no incredible bald eagle shoots today.

We will be getting our digital backs this week for the camera and able to shoot tons of pictures without worries. Maybe I can manifest the bald eagle to come to another shoot. LOL

Anyway, school is very busy. Never would have imagined that there would be so much to manage. I have to write everything down in two places to make sure I remember everything. If I am not completely organized person by the time this is all over, I would be greatly surprised.

Any way, I will have lots of pictures to add in the future. Right now still film and we only see the transparencies, no prints.

Getting cold here at night, around 45 degrees. Yes this is cold. I don't have heat in my apartment yet, but hopefully in the next week or so.

Well it is past my bedtime. Good night all. Love you and miss everyone!



Aunt Janice said...

Hi, this is my first time to blogg so I hope you get this. Ed had a gall bladder attack and I went to go stay with Rhoda while Ed was in the hospital. I was there from wed. to Sun and just about died walking those steps to the apartment and am glad to be home. Ed made out fine. I am glad to see that you are having fun. I knew you would. What are HTML tags. Love aunt Jan

Gidget said...

Hey Aunt Janice, I am glad Ed is fine. Tell them I'll send him some healing energy. I also am glad you survived the stairs. LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

HTML tags are stuff you can program to look cool!

Anyway, just a quick note to say HI!

Love Gidget