Tuesday, September 30, 2008

School Web site

Hey I am in one of the pictures on Hallmark's web site. Check it out (week four). Can you find me.

Where's waldo or Gidget?


Jean Stoll said...

Hi Gidget,
For a "Self Portrait"..why don't you shoot a picture of yourself in the mirror with a camera....That would be you! Or are you supposed to take a picture of something or someone that represents you...like a picture of your book or a picture of one of your favorite movie stars...I'd make it look GOOD! You're so photogenic anyhow, just take a picture of yourself!!
Love you,

Gidget said...

Hey Jean,

Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep them in mind when I start shooting for this assignment!

Love you!


tinkyaz said...

Great to see pic's of the school and your apt....Sis